20 cool designs for your individual style
    The new benchmark in style and function
    Ideal for all camera lenses
    Perfect and stylish for your eyeware
    Streak free clarity for all displays

    wipe and shine. cool design.

    5 reasons to choose janatic:

    The stylish solution for cleaning all lifestyle products.

    Finally no more ineffec­tive wiping on sleeves and pants legs.

    1 janatic, 2 advantages:
    a cool design and the best cleaning power.

    Reusable and no supplemen­tary cleaning products necessary.

    Anti-bacterial cleaning and simultaneously protection of janatic.

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    5 attractive collections. 20 superior designs.

    Premium Design Microfibre Cloth with maximum cleaning power

    MORE than run-of-the-mill: janatic design microfibre cloths set new standards.

    The front side, stylish and smooth as silk, creates high-glossy polished surfaces. The backside, soft as terrycloth in colours matching the relevant design, cleans surfaces thoroughly and as easy as pie.

    The “finishing touch” for the janatic is its high quality border, which matches the colour harmoniously and improves the janatic quality beyond the ordinary.

    janatic guarantees a gentle, easy, scratch, streak and lint-free removal of fingerprints, grease, stains and dust from the use of the most up-to-date micro fibre technology with the best production quality.

    janatic is the ideal cleaning cloth with its style and extreme cleaning strength for tablet PCs, smartphones, glasses, computer monitors, cameras and video cameras, MP3 players, game consoles, navigation systems, CD/DVDs, and much more.